Pool Compliance and Certification, Brisbane Northside

If you are buying, selling or leasing a property and need a Pool Safety Inspection, or if you need an annual Pool Safety Certificate for a shared pool - we can help.

Queensland Pool Solutions are Licensed Pool Safety Inspectors who provide Pool Safety Inspections, Pool Safety Certificates, Pre Purchase Pool Inspections and advice on Pool Safety in Northern Brisbane suburbs, Pine Rivers and Moreton Bay Regional Council area.
We provide a trouble-free, value for money pool safety inspection service and provide quality, practical advice if your pool does not comply with pool safety legislation.  We provide competitive fixed pricing with no hidden charges or fees; also we provide a free pre-inspection check list to assist you in identifying the most common problems and have remedial work carried out before your pool safety inspection.
Your pool should be fun, but also it should be safe please consider that drowning in swimming pools is a major cause of death amongst children under five. Adult supervision, learning to swim and learning CPR will also contribute in making your pool a safer place. 

Why Choose Us for your Pool Safety Inspection?

Fixed Price Guarantee with no hidden charges or fees - No additional charges, no surprises.

Fast, Professional, Friendly Service - We will attend your property promptly and you will deal with the business owner.

Locally owned and operated - We are a local business and we do not engage contractors.

APSIC Trained and Certified - We have attained all Qld Government requirements for Pool Safety Inspectors.

Pool Safety Council/QBCC Licensed -  Licence No. 101661

SPASA QLD (Swimming Pool & Spa Association) Member - The Business owner is a  Pool Safety Member of SPASA QLD

Extensive Pool Industry Experience - In addition to owning and operating Pool Service Companies, the business owner has held various Technical Management, Technical Support & Workplace Health and Safety roles for some of Australia's largest Pool Industry Companies.

Fully Insured - Specifically tailored insurance policies for Pool Safety Inspectors in conjunction with SPASA QLD

Free Pre-Inspection Checklist - Identify the most common problems we find, before we carry out your Pool Safety Inspection.

Comprehensive Inspection of pool area, safety barrier and associated area - Our Pool Safety Inspections are carried out in a Professional manner, an extensive Nonconformity Report is provided with your Nonconformity Notice should your pool fail to comply.

Pool Safety Certificates issued within 24 hours of successful inspection - Your Pool Safety Certificate will be registered on the Pool Safety register and also emailed or mailed to you promptly. Copies shall also be sent to your legal advisor, Real Estate Agent or Property Manager if required.

Competitive Pricing - We offer competitive prices while providing a high standard of service.

Pre Purchase Pool Inspections - For peace of mind, we offer a Pre Purchase Pool Inspection service, providing comprehensive information about the condition of the pool and pool equipment before you purchase a property.

Consultative Pool Inspections - If you are not selling or leasing your home, but would like confirmation that your pool safety barrier complies with the pool safety standard - we offer a service that is more suited to your requirements.


Pre Inspection Check List 

Download our Pre Inspection Check List and check your pool area for the most common problems found during Pool Safety Inspections.
This will give you the opportunity to have any remedial work that may be required carried out prior to the Pool Safety Inspection avoiding any Re-Inspection Fees.
The Pre Inspection check list is intended as a guideline for customers of Queensland Pool Solutions. It outlines the most common problems found during pool safety inspections. The checklist should not be considered an alternative or substitute for an inspection by a licensed pool safety inspector and it does not represent the full requirement of current legislation

Consultative Pool Inspections

If you are not selling or leasing your home you are not normally required to have a pool safety certificate. From 30 November 2015 you are required to comply with the pool safety standard.  For peace of mind we provide a Consultative Pool Inspection Service, we check your property is entered on the pool safety register and check your pool barrier complies with the pool safety standard.  Following our consultative pool inspection we provide either a letter advising that the pool is compliant or provide written advice on the areas your pool is non-compliant, together with suggested remedial action. This is ideal if you want confirmation your pool is safe, but do not require a pool safety certificate.

Pre Purchase Pool Inspections

If you are about to purchase a property with a swimming pool and/or a spa, for peace of mind we offer a Pre Purchase Pool Inspection service.

We can carry out comprehensive inspection of the swimming pool and/or spa and equipment and provide comprehensive report advising the condition of the pool interior surface, the pool coping, waterline tiles, main drain, skimmer box, pool pump, pool filter, multiport valve (if applicable), chlorinator, salt chlorinator cells (if applicable), chlorine/acid feeder (if applicable), lights, return eyeballs, pool cleaner, cleaning and maintenance equipment, the pool gate, CPR sign, water balance - levels checked on total and free chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid (stabiliser), saturation index, copper, iron, salt/minerals.

​Recommendations are provided on what treatment is required to correct pool water chemistry balance and also for necessary repairs or replacements to pool equipment. 


Pool Safety Inspection - Residential Pools


Residential Pools

All suburbs in our Service Area

​(Excludes Pool Safety Certificate)

Pool Safety Inspection - Shared Pools


Shared Pools (Body Corporate, Residential Complex, Hotel, Motel)

All suburbs in our Service Area

(Excludes Pool Safety Certificate)

Pool Safety Certificate


Excluded from Pool Safety Inspection
Queensland Government Charge

Re Inspection Fee


Only applicable if found to be Non-Compliant on initial inspection 

Pre Purchase Pool Inspection


All Suburbs in our Service Area

CPR Sign


All Suburbs in our Service Area


The above Fees include the following:

GST if applicable, Travel Charges within service area indicated, Inspection of any additional gate(s).

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